Electro-erosion cutting service


Production of parts by electro-erosion

Expertise since 1980

The electrical discharge cutting (EDM) service at LPM uses advanced equipment to precisely cut electrically conductive materials using controlled electrical discharges. This method allows you to create complex shapes and fine details that would be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve with traditional cutting methods. EDM is ideal for hard or delicate materials, providing a contactless cutting solution that eliminates mechanical stress on the workpiece.

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LPM Benefits

Superior precision

Our EDM service excels in producing extremely precise cuts and shapes, meeting the most stringent specifications with an exceptional surface finish.

Material flexibility

Our EDM machines can work on a wide range of conductive materials, from hard metals like titanium to delicate alloys, opening up unlimited possibilities for your complex projects.

Complexity of shapes

This technology enables the creation of parts with complex geometries, including acute angles, variable depths, and fine details, without compromising quality or precision.

Part integrity

The EDM cutting process, being contactless, does not generate any mechanical stress on the part, thus preserving the integrity of the material and reducing the need for additional finishing.

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