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Die design and manufacturing encompasses the conceptualization, engineering and creation of the tools necessary to produce your part or component. With our custom manufacturing and tool design capabilities, we can develop unique dies that have a direct impact on the quality, efficiency and productivity of your manufacturing line.

Our wide range of modern equipment allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs. Well-designed tools allow us to achieve tighter tolerances, reduce scrap and optimize production. In addition, our team of expert toolmakers and engineers analyzes your needs to ensure you obtain a matrix that will optimize your production process.

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LPM Benefits

Responsiveness and support

LPM guarantees a rapid response to requests, in less than 24 hours, thus minimizing waiting and optimizing communication. Our team dedicated to customer support and quality assurance provides reliable and personalized support at each stage of the project.

Efficiency and transparency

Transparent and efficient project management at LPM, with open communication on production deadlines and a strong commitment to meeting deadlines, helps prevent any loss of production due to unforeseen delays.

Expertise and tailor-made solutions

With a team of experienced engineers, LPM provides sound advice and proven expertise to offer tailor-made solutions that precisely meet your needs.


The strategic approach to purchasing quantities of raw materials and the optimization of our processes allows LPM to reduce costs and production times. This savings is passed on to customers, providing a significant financial benefit without compromising manufacturing quality or efficiency.

A Rigorously Developed Manufacturing Process

For quality results, without delay

Analysis of your needs:

Our team makes sure to fully understand your needs, up to and including a visit to your facilities in order to provide you with the best solution.

Engineering and design:

Our passionate engineers think about and design the most efficient matrix for you in order to quickly produce your parts.

Fabrication of dies:

Our experienced toolmakers use our wide range of machines to manufacture high-precision dies for a quality finished product.

Testing and final approval:

Once the manufacturing of your matrix is ​​completed, we carry out several tests to ensure the quality of the finished product. You will also be able to review the result in order to give final approval.

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